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Atlantic Capital Group (“ACG”) is a real estate and private equity investment firm that invests in opportunities across multiple sectors throughout the United States.  Tapping into the vast experience and relationships of its principals, ACG has strived to develop a disciplined deal sourcing process that enables it to quickly and thoroughly review opportunistic investment targets. ACG invests in the commercial and residential real estate sectors as well as in growing companies with proven products. ACG believes its investment philosophy provides it with the ability to make sound investment decisions in line with achieving specific projected risk-adjusted returns.

Experienced Principals
Our partners are successful entrepreneurs and operators who have founded and or managed businesses from start-ups to public companies with top line revenues in excess of $2.5 Billion. We also possess extensive real estate development, asset management and investment expertise. We have a collective record of leading and financing successful acquisitions in addition to running profitable operations and real estate development strategies.

Private Equity
ACG generally invests in smaller private companies that fall under the radar screens of institutional investors and offer good returns at acceptable risk levels. We make equity and mezzanine financing investments in growing businesses which are poised for scale and have a record of success, creativity, and revenue growth. We consider an experienced management team with integrity to be an essential prerequisite to any investment.

Real Estate
ACG capitalizes on its collective real estate experience by investing in well-located real estate development and conversion projects where the sponsor is an expert in their marketplace and product. In addition to development projects, we also invest in profile buildings with stable income. In some of our investments, we provide senior or mezzanine debt in return for a participating equity interest and a negotiated coupon rate.

Outside Investor Partners
We periodically invite other accredited investors to invest along side of ACG in the opportunities we select. In general, ACG will already have invested its capital in the investments in which other investor partners participate. Additionally, ACG aligns its interests with other investors by, among other things, always retaining an investment which is at least equal to the level of commitment we invite from any outside investor.

ACG fosters an opportunistic, entrepreneurial spirit, both within our firm and in the businesses in which we invest. We recognize that value is created over time, through a combination of superior strategy, planning and execution, while focusing on a true spirit of partnership with the owners, managers and employees of our partner companies and real estate businesses. If you have interest in sending an investment opportunity to ACG or would like to learn more about us and the investments we make, please contact us.


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